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 in 1927 Tae-Cheon, the North Korea, Dong-A



in 1932,1933 Japanese Imperial police prohibits kite festival in KimHae and UL-San , Dong-A



in 1934 Dong-A




in 1957 Dong-A 



in 1957 Dong-A


in 1958,Gyung-Hyang



in 1958,Gyung-Hyang



in 1960  , Dong-A



in 1962, Jin-Hee, Han , Dong-A



in 1963 Dong-A 



in 1972 , Colledted about 80 pcs kites of from mid-term Joseon dynasty to 1972, Dong-A 

Mr.Dam-Joo Lee ,ex-curator of Kun-Kook, past away, we hope to know where these kites are.



in 1974 Dong-A




in 1975 You-Sang Roe, Dong-A 



 in 1976 Dong-A



 in 1977  You-Sang Roe,  Dong-A 



 in 1977 Gyung-Hyang 



in 1979 Gyung-Hyang 



 in 1983 Gyung-Hyang 


 in 1987 Dong-A 



 in 1991 HanGyoRe


 in 1995 Bang'Pae shaped building, Dong-A 

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