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Head spar for Bangpae processing might be almost same with the diagonal spar of lozenge type kite like Hongkong,American,Indian kite,etc, that is, zero curvature and weight difference between left and right side from the center.I've seen somebody who put the head spar on very sharp knife blade to check it.Proper tension of head for the 400 x 470 sized Bangpae is around 500 (gram.force).One of the unique points of Bangpae is the head bowing,it makes Bangpae having more resistive structure against wind pressure.Too deep head bowing results in weak string pressure.Actually related factor with Bangpae speed as a fighter kite is firstly bridle knot point-the upper, the faster-, secondly bottom bridle point, thirdly center volume up spar bonding with gluing jig or bottle cap, fourthly diagonal shoulder pre-bending before gluing,fifthly long tempered bamboo using or not, sixthly head bowing, finally center hole size that influences the reaction speed after quick line releasing.We Korean call it Twigim, the bigger center hole, the faster stabilization after Tweegim.

It needs usually no bending taper for the Bangpae headspar. I rarely have seen people who makes it thinner a liitle bit towards those spar tips.I have tried both, and I sensuously felt the uniform thickness one through the whole length is a little bit agiler.Head spar sectional shape for head,spine,diagonals is half-round.For the waist is thin square, but the corner had better be champered with the grooved blade.

Appropriate curve pattern for spine is same with that of diagonals that is,curvature center lies at three-fifth from top toward tail.Proper tension of spine for the 400 x 470 sized Bangpae is around 350 (gram.force). Bamboo node of spine also should be located at the upper one-fourth position of Bangpae center hole.

1. Take length margin than the kite width and height before scraping.

2. Sectional shapes of Head,Spine,Diagonal are all the same, half circle.But the waist is thin rectangle.

3. We need to cut the skin side on the both end of head flat to be fit well with diagonals.

4. Refer the bending curvature of the Head below.

5. Refer the bending curvature of the Spine below.

6. Refer the flat fit cut inner side of diagonals that are fit with the Head below.



For your reference, refer the bending curvature of Diagonals.

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