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Korean calls Korean kite Bangpae because we think it looks like rectagular shield.Bangpae means a shield in Korean.

Currently,there are two types of fast moving controllable kites in this world, one is two string controllable stunt kite or quad-line, the other is that of one string. One string type divided into two sorts again,one is lozenge or diamond  group of Indian,Hongkong,American,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Tibetan, etc, the other did into rectangular includes Korean Bangpae,Japanese Buka,Tahara,etc.Special characteristics of Bangpae are broad three points bridle, and center hole,this shape is found nothing but in Bangpae.Well made Bangpae with kite reel winding speed around 2~3(m/s)shows first, extremely awesome horizontal, upward,and downward tracking performance, and then quick kite head turning performace with a slight line releasing,next float high in stable during no maneuvering action.The ingenious result of center hole helps to get fast stablization after string releasing that is very useful as a fighter. Flying Bangpae with Korean reel made with fully natural materials is very helpful to our health and a good physical exercise as like flying two line controlled sports kite.

On the web, I saw a thread  that a novice Korean Bangpae flier says he can't believe flying Bangpae with Korean reel makes more get tired physically than shooting Korean bow.
In my personal opinion based on my experience, to do it around 3~4 hours is almost same amount of physical exercise ,get drowsy after each workout below.

- 2 hours slow swimming
- Mountain hiking slowly aroud 2~3 hours
- Skiing 3~4 hours

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