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I don't know how many foreign Bangpae manias want to get original materials from Korea.

But, I suggested my kite friend in Korea who is the host of KKFC(Korean Kite fliers' Club, no commercial site, ) to do good job, and he agreed on do volunteer work. He and me are volunteers through following total process buyers get them.All prices are exactly same with the group purchasing price that's explained below.


1. Items


   1) Hanji (Traditional Korean paper, about 500mm x 850mm) : 1,700 (KRW)/sheet, 2(pcs) of 400x470 Bangpae available.

      cf) Main material of Hanji(Korean paper) is skin fiber of the paper mulberry, nowadays it's very hard to find suitable Hanji fit

           well to make Bangpae, so Korean Banpae fliers able to get it only by group purchasing process. The reasons are to get

           mulberry has become difficult and annual demanded quantity of Hanji for Bangpae is very small.Hanji for the other 

           uses are easier to get, but they arn't suitable to Bangpae.


   2) Set of pre-machined spars fit for 400mm x 470mm Bangpae ( a set = 1 Head, 2 Diagonals, 1 Spine, 1 Waist)

        : 800(KRW)/ set

      cf) Head,Diagonals,Spine are pre-machined using semi-automatic machine a little bit thicker than final dimension

           that you should finish by yourself using grooved knife, and spar plate for waist not splitted. You had better temper it first

           with flame torch and then repeat to split it till proper thickness.


   3) Grooved knife : 25,000(KRW)/pc


   4) 8 legs ebony reel : 300,000(KRW).

       6 legs ash tree reel : 20,000(KRW), Not recommend 6 legs one for line touch or cut game.


   5) Silk thread(700 meters) glass coated or none-coated : 28,000(KRW) / skein


   6) Bangpae : 15,000(KRW)/pc, 36~40 cm kite head, temporary special price by kitemaker

                         20,000(KRW)/pc  by master fighters


   * Buyer needs to pay 5,000(KRW) for  the delivery box cost.


The process is as follows.


1. Mail me your necessary material details at  with commodity,quantity and delivery option you want.

    When you mail me, please attach <Bangpae> to e-mail title head to distinguish it with spam mails.


Two delivery options are available,  one is quick EMS air delivery and the other is  slow EMS air delivery. Slow option is about 30% cheaper delivery cost,  but about 5 times longer delivery. Mr.Woo,Hyun-Taek planned but abolished delivery by ship option, because of possible management troubles from terrible delivery of maximun 3 months despite of about 80% cheaper delivery fee. 


2. I ask stock status and notice buyer's information including name,address, materials details to KKFC host and get total

   cost including delivery cost chosen by buyer, and I notice buyer total cost and bank information.


3. Buyer complete payment using Western Union or direct wire transfer(bank to bank) to KKFC host based on KRW(Korean

    Won), not USD or EURO,etc. His bank is Kookmin Bank where Western Union is available. Through this process, extra

    remmitance fee may occure in buyer's bank side.


4. KKFC host send them.


5. Buyer notice me when goods reach in safety.


* You can see  rough quick air EMS delivery costs to each country  at


You can find there some countries are not available to use EMS service.

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