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Wrtten by Hong,Hae-Myoung, translated by Peter,Nam.


Prepare semi-jig as plastic bottle cap or sealing tape bobbin high about 2.5 centimeter that will be put beneath those diagnals cossing point.



Paste wooden bond on necessary area of diagonals.




See the diagonals crossing point below where righthand pushing forward out diagonal is further down to the other and you need to give more push out force on righthand side so that two diagonals contact well together and kite takes a balance well.







Hold on around 10 seconds to glue them slightly.



See and correct the spars to be rightly on the reference line, and then massage well to glue spars and paper well each other.





Reverse the kite and go on massaging over needed areas.



Gluing with semi-jig has been over, you can see the central volume up gluing done well, it shows around 2.48 (cm).





You might can see two of spars contact well at their crossing point.

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