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How to make Bangpae2012.03.09 23:22
How to make Bangpae2012.03.09 23:19
How to make Bangpae2012.03.09 23:16

Overall process on tempering and straightening diagonals and spine.

1. Tempering except node part.No tempering at all on node part where is easily get brittle by heat.

2. To straighten both side lines from node and cool down them for 10 minutes.

3. To straighten including node part with bending after light heating on like this chapter. 

I added the same Youtube video title below.

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How to make Bangpae2012.03.01 01:49

Bamboo is one of the very important materials influence Bangpae performance.We Korean concluded best bamboo for Bangpae is 3~5 years old,cut during cold winter and cultivated at latitute around 35.We've tried to use the longer between near joints bamboo from subtropical zones,but has realized it's not suitable to Bangpae because of the comparatively weak elasticity.To get more elastic property with same bamboo spar,we generally perform torch blow tempering on the skin side. With other choices except quick tempering, far better bamboo is rarely acquired under following conditions. First, several hundred years passed interior roof bamboo materials lie on a little bit apart from the right above fireplace,it's very slowly tempered  and shows dark brown colored skin.Second, long years passed yellow ocher fence bamboo materials buried inside the fence,it's naturally seasoned  one by the time and tide.Korean kite fighters had been making sectional shape rectangular till around 1965,and had come to know round section-exactly half moon shape- is most effective for slight strong,elastic spars but processing round shape with plane blade was very difiicult,somebody invented this groove knife,at last all of Korean kite fighters have been using groove knife from around 2000.The 1st inventor of is not known yet, and with what kind of knife making it round in the 1960s is also not clear.


The other choice to see this Video at YouTube,below.

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