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Diagonals are the most important spars to the Bangpae performance, key factors should be taken in a pair of diagonal are adequate,exactly same elastic forces and coincident curve pattern between two diagonals.We've come to know the best center of bending curvature lies at around three-fifth from the head toward tail side.The below figure shows ideal curve pattern and elastic force for the 400(mm) x 470(mm) sized Bangpae.It takes long to get this condition satisfying diagonals at beginner stage.I recommend you to use two of raw spars from same part of same bamboo.Bamboo spar differs in physical properties including elastic coefficient and response time by each bambooes, especially by the species and age differences.One more thing to be careful is bamboo node should be exist on the upper one-fourth position of Bangpae center hole.

You can see below diagonal processed by Park,Chan-Young, the top level Bangpae fighter in Korea.The left in below picture is tail side. 

The below script is written by Hong,Hae-myoung

Rough processing by using grooved knife.

To check whether the curvarture of two diagonal is coincident and tension is correct.

You can see at the below picture the central part of front bamboo is a little bit thicker than the rear.

Finally, a set of tension OK, same curvatured diagonal is completed.


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