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I plan to make the kindest manual to reach Bangpae world, I've been making and flying it over long years, and found no its accurate teaching manual in English.I hope you could get on steps to the febulous world of Bangpae. I'll proceed with follow syllabus and it will probably for me take several months to wrap up it.



1. Why Bangpae - Korean kite?

2. Key elements for fun Bangpae

    1) 8 legs reel drawings.

    2) 6 legs reel drawings.

3. Each sized Bangpae specification,size and spars tension,etc.

4. Tools, jigs,and materials to make Bangpae

5. How to make Bangpae?

      Part 1 - Paper 

        1) Paper cut out, overlap outside gluing

        2) Draw own symbol

      Part 2 - Spars processing

       1) Spar tempering-Head,Diagonals,Spine(Video)

       2) Spar straightening(Video)

       3) Spar tempering-waist(Video)

       4) Spar split -waist(video)

       5) Process spars- Diagonals

       6) Process spars- Head,Spine

       7) Process spars- Waist

       8) Fit cut-Head,Diagonals 

      Part3 - Glue Spars

       1) The reason why use glue jig

       2) Head, the first half diagonals

       3) The second half diagonals

       4) Spine,waist

      Part4 - Bridle

       1) One string method(Video)

       2) Two string method(Video)

  6. Wet aging for surface spreading.

  7. Flying technics include track balancing.

  8. Bags for reel and kites.

 9. Korean reel making process.

10. Voluntary service to procure Bangpae materials.

11. Central volume up gluing without jig.


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