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The name Bang'Pae 防牌鳶 has been used at least for the last 300 years in Korea. It has shown up on "Ak-Hak-Sup-Ryoung" in 1713,  "Hae-Dong-Ga-Yo" in 1767 and "Ga-gok-Won-Ryu" in 1876. 



Korean calls Korean kite Bang'Pae because we think it looks like rectagular shield.BangPae means a shield in Korean.

The other names "Yon鳶" or "Ji-Yon紙鳶" also found in old books. In recent about five decades, "Bang'Pae-Yon" has become the most generic term represent "Center holed rectangular fighter kite" out of Cham-Yon,Dal-Yon,BangPae-Yon. The former both are regional names.

To recent Korean, "Yon" can be understood as "kite". All the kites in the world called  "bra bra-Yon" in Korean. Under this environment, "Bang'Pae" has replaced "Yon" to divide,point "Center holed rectagular kite" from all type of kites "Yon".

Two main Korean kites by shape are "Center holed rectangular one" and "With tail diamond shape kite".
I think to classify two, the former became "Bang'Pae-Yon", the latter "Gaori-Yon"

Currently,there are two types of fast moving controllable kites in this world, one is two string controllable stunt kite or quad-line, the other is that of one string. One string type divided into two sorts again,one is lozenge or diamond  group of Indian,Hongkong,American,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Tibetan, etc, the other did into rectangular includes Korean Bang'Pae,Japanese Buka,Tahara,etc.Special characteristics of Bang'Pae are broad three points bridle, and center hole,this shape is found nothing but in BangPae.Well made BangPae with kite reel winding speed around 2~3(m/s)shows first, extremely awesome horizontal, upward,and downward tracking performance, and then quick kite head turning performace with a slight line releasing,next float high in stable during no maneuvering action.The ingenious result of center hole helps to get fast stablization after string releasing that is very useful as a fighter. Flying BangPae with Korean reel made with fully natural materials is very helpful to our health and a good physical exercise as like flying two line controlled sports kite.

On the web, I saw a thread  that a novice Korean BangPae flier says he can't believe flying BangPae with Korean reel makes more get tired physically than shooting Korean bow.
In my personal opinion based on my experience, to do it around 3~4 hours is almost same amount of physical exercise ,get drowsy after each workout below.

- 2 hours slow swimming
- Mountain hiking slowly aroud 2~3 hours
- Skiing 3~4 hours

You can also see more beautiful Korean kites at


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    The Korean Fighting Kite

    An introduction

    I first tried to make this kite when I was at in school in England in the 1970s. I made it out of bamboo from the garden centre, and crumpled Brown paper. The wind was blowing a gale and it looks like rain at any second. Also, I flew it on a tarmac parking lot. Not the best conditions. But, I was too excited to wait. It went up like a rocket. A had never flown in a kite like it. Then it came crashing down with a tremendous smash. I was completely hooked. Decades later I have again started to fly these kites. When the wind is right you can get this kite to move across the sky with a simply incredible speed. And, you can get it to dive straight to the ground and just a foot also above the ground get it to turn like a dancer and go straight up again. The secret is that like a high-performance fighter aeroplane it is a dynamically unstable kite. That means there is little resistance to a fast turn. Quite different from the two string aerobatic kites I flew in my youth. You are able to steer these kites because you are, literally, playing on the boundary between order and chaos. A pull of the string and the kite assumes an aerodynamically stable form. Pull a bit more and it will move in the direction it is pointing. Give it a sudden jerk and it comes aerodynamically unstable. It then moves around and when you want to you can pull it gently and it is once more stable and it can be made to go in the direction you want it to. It is an amazing experience. It's important to realise that these kites work as a complete system. You need to have the right wind conditions. It is a kite the works best in a moderate to moderate/strong wind. They had some frustration trying to fly it in a small local part in London . It was surrounded by buildings and there were simply too much turbulence . It turned out to be well worth it to go to Blackheath or two Regents Park . You need to have the right string. A thin silk string that is non-elastic and cuts through the air allowing you to give commands to the kite and having minimal resistance. You needed to have a precision built kite. That is not difficult to do — but it does take some time to get it right. My own experience is that initially there is some frustration with the kite flying to one or other side. And, you need the right reel. The Korean fighting kite reel enables you to take in all that out string with great speed. The difference between having this reel and not having it is that between moving kite in two dimensions and really moving it in three dimensions. And, finally, you need to perfect your own skill in flying this kite. I am just starting stage. Slowly beginning to learn how to work the reel and do various manoeuvres. Peter is an engineer. His drawings and descriptions are wonderfully precise and helpful. I have also found to to be extremely patient and kind and giving me necessary information. If you choose to embark on learning how to make an fly this kite it is the building of a true apprenticeship. If you are minded to do so, I think the words of Goethe are not inappropriate...

    Until there is commitment, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.

    Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitively commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

    All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.

    A whole stream of events issues forth from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreams would have come his way.

    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

    Begin it now.

    I hope you will and if you do I am sure you will both have moments of frustration and also of great joy making and flying this kite.

    Dominick Jenkins

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