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Glue jig has been contrived on the long journey of ceaseless efforts by Bangpae fighters.By their experience, Bangpae fighters have come to know central part volume up gluing is helpful to get better Bangpae reaction and elastic paper surface.At early times, they got it by putting bottle cap or dish under two diagonals crossing point.Its technics and methods have been continuosly developed and resulted in gluing jig invention by Woo,Hyun-Taek in 2002. This is very convenient to get central part volume up despite of to the novices.

It's said by Oh,Je-Hwan that two-pieces of this kind of jig was developed by Choi,Tae-Young(Ex- rugby player of Yonsei university) in 1980s who had reigned Korean kite fighting world,but he hide it to the others, and as he got older, Mr.Choi divulged his know-how to Mr.Oh who has also transfered it to Mr.Woo,Hyun-Taek.

Related factors to the speedy Bangpae action are as belows.

Firstly bridle knot point-the upper this point, the faster the reaction of Bangpae-, secondly bottom bridle point, the higher it, the faster the Bangpae reaction, thirdly, center volume up spar pasting with gluing jig or bottle cap, fourthly diagonal shoulder pre-bending before gluing,fifthly older and tempered bamboo using or not, sixthly head bowing, finally center hole size that influences the reaction speed after quick line releasing-We Korean call it Twigim, the bigger center hole, the faster stabilization after Twigim-.

One of the unique points of Bangpae is the head bowing,it makes Bangpae having more resistive structure against wind pressure.Too deep head bowing results in weak string pressure and bad reaction.Head bowing too be related with the Bangpae action.

The Great inventor Mr.Woo,Hyun-Taek invented Columbus egg for Bangpae.


His has flat area in central part result in a little bit smaller angles between plates compared to that of 168 degree of mine,personally I think it possibly influences something different to the diagonals.

Below is my type.

Next picture shows the effect of using this jig that makes glued Bangpae be central part volume up without head(leading edge spar) bowing at all. I've seen Japanese Tahara kite also has its central part volume up,but it's got by different method that ties string through each spar hole.

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