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Wrtten by Hong,Hae-Myoung and Peter,Nam.

This chapter shows the way head and the upper first half diagonals glue onto paper.Glue jig will be used in next chapter.

Pre-condition : Fit cut between head and diagonals contact surfaces must be completed before this chapter.


Tip for more agile Bangpae  About 1(cm) deep pre-bent diagonal at around 10(cm) apart from the side top for the 400(mm)head Bangpae that the index finger points out at <Fig.7> by rubbing skin side of diagonal spars with thum helps Banpae to be more agile.But it's not easy to glue well the pre-bent diagonals than no bent one.


Step1 : First,check and remedy the straightness of head, then paste wooden bond on the rear side of head<Fig.1>, then glue it on paper along the head reference line.<Fig.2><Fig.3>



<Fig.2> <Fig.3>


Step2 : First,check and remedy the straightness of diagonals<Fig.4>, then paste wooden bond on the rear side of diagonals about 12(cm) long from diagonal top<Fig.5>,  to the the point that index finger points out at <Fig.7>, then glue the left diagonal first, the right one next on paper. 

cf) This diagonals gluing order is correct to the right-handed person.See the result at <Fig.7>. With this we must pull stronger the right diagonal end when glue the rest part of diagonals in next chapter to prevent this diagonal tail end float up a little while putting Bangpae on the floor after gluing up.





The rest parts of diagonals will be bonded in next chapter on the glue jig.

Step3 : Put sufficient bond to the head and diagonals cross point inside<Fig.6> and then paste wooden bond on both parts of three parted kitetop paper, then overlap-glue them on the head and diagonals like <Fig.7>.




Step4 : Take a nail mark on both front and rear surface of paper.<Fig.8>

The next picture shows nail mark just after gluing while bond undried to get better kite external appearence.Thumb and forefinger nails must be parallel throughout it.


Next pictures are first half upside diagonal only pasted ones, then we should leave them more or less a  day untill bond fully dried.


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