How to make Bangpae2012.03.10 00:05

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 I call this procedure volume up gluing that gives tension forces between spars and paper to help the paper spread and having better Bangpae function.Below is showing ready to go next with nail marking.We can get same effect of central up with 2.5~3(cm) height plastic bottle cap, putting it under the two diagonals crossing point while we process this step,but this method needs an assistant who presses down the point of flat pliers in below picture. 


The next step is pencil marking to display bonding range.


Followed step is to paste bond on the upside left part,should be careful not to miss bonding to the connecting point of the former pasted,dried out.


To paste well the bottom area, too.


To pull the paper by thumb and index finger with more strength on the right hand,you can see the diagonal on right hand  lies downside, it's to get 4 edges contact well onto the floor after gluing.


And then, step on two of bottom edges and make both hands be free.


To check whether diagonals get out of from the reference lines and correct if necessary.Processing nail marking on to diagonals with paper scraps, and wait around 2~3 minutes till bond dried.


We can see the volume up gluing completed ones below.

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