How to make Bangpae2012.03.10 00:06

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It's better to check and correct the spar straightness before processing.


To paste bond only on the spine upside part and give bond much onto the top edge.

The reason why glue to the top part of the spine before passing it is to form a kind of truss structure to resisit well against wind pressure.It's kind of screw fix between the head and the spine.

So is that between the head and diagonals crossing points with fit cut and giving bonds.

One more reason of fit cut is make thinner this point.No fit cut makes bridling awkward and not tight tie.Plus, added bonding to both delta area to reinforce this truss purpuse.
Without this, Bangpae truss would become weaker by the wind pressue.


Then make spine go through beneath diagonals with bond pasted part upward and being alert not to tear paper during passing spine through.


Paste bond on the left bottem part.


To turn over spine and check and correct it whether get out of from/to the reference line.


Give much bond near the cross point  and paint bond on rear cover paper to prepare cover paper gluing.


Massage slightly onto the upside central cover paper.


So  is the waist gluing with spine.

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