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Written by Hong,Hae-Myoung, translated by Peter,Nam

Prepare 3 times length of two arm wide opened line for bridle and then straighten it.

Tie in this way.


Tie the other side knot.

Keypoint is to put the left hand index finger under the string and to tie with right hand.

See carefully the tie knot method, knot not released by itself,self tied with this method.


Head bowing


Bowing can be stabilized by spreading out several times.


Adequate bow depth for the 400(mm) x 470(mm) Bangpae is about 35~40(mm).


Cut the bridle line as below figure.


For the 40(cm) x 47(cm) Bangpae, punch bottom bridle point at about 10(cm) from the kite bottom, and upper fake bridle point at about 9(cm) from the kite top.


This upper fake bridle point is used for preventing spine bent over under the strong wind speed over 6(m/s). This fake line is about 1~2(cm) longer than three of the others when pull out the bridle line.


Tie the central knot.


This knotting point should be coincident with bottom bridle point when spread out the bridle line.


Bottom bridle point knot.


Knot point needs to be near both of upper edge points when spread out the bridle line.The upper this point, the faster Bangpae reaction speed.Standard knot position is around 5(mm) lower from this point.


The upper fake bridle point knot.


Fake bridle line must be a little bit longer than three of the others,actually Bangpae is 3 points bridle.


Could you see the fake bridle line droops a little?


Tie a swivel.

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