How to make Bangpae2012.03.10 00:25

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Made Bangpae surface using glue jig can be a little bit withered, It can be simply cured by wet aging.Korean paper can absorb moisture and wrinkly surface result in tightly spread out by the elastic reaction of glued spars.Without central volume up using jig or plastic bottle cap-central towered around 30 mm-, this reaction couldn't be appeared.Flat pasting is also disadvantageous in Bangpae's quick turing action required as a fighting kite.

1. To put made Bangpae in wet shaded environment like rest room or veranda for several days.

2. To blow your breath on the upper diagonal parts.
3. To inject water fog on the upper diagonal parts.

I wouldn't like to recommend you the last method, because sometimes it can cause messing up the drawn symbol,nail marking and pasted bond.

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