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The dimension for standard bridle tieing point  is under 5~10(mm) from the both side top edges of Bangpae when spread bridle thread out toward top edges.The smaller this dimension, the agiler the Bangpae activity and become get less wind pressure. Below figure shows typical bridle related dimensions for the 400(mm) x 470 (mm)  one.When strong windy days or when we want to get extreme agility, it possibly reach minus(-) dimension, i.e., tieing point goes up those two side top edges.

ps) All of bridle line lengths described below are result in attacking angle. The larger this attacking angle, more stable, more wind pressure receiving the kite.Below figure shows criterion just for the Bangpae of 40(cm)x47(cm), and lower bridle point 10.25(cm) from kite bottom. 

More tips for more agile Bangpae are firstly to get a little bit smaller aspect ratio one than standard aspect ratio(=kite length/kite width(=span)) 1.2, the smaller aspect ratio , the agiler in Bangpae agility.You deserve to try it. Secondly, to bend central area of upper half diagonals,i.e, midpoint of side top edge and spars cross point, by rubbing them, before we glue the  diagonals. 

Thirdly, we need to use as much as possible elastic and light spars those are 3~5 years old bambooes that were cut during cold winter, dried at least 1~2 years under airly shadow environment after winter cut, properly gas torch tempered.


All kites have some of unbalance between left and right side just after kite made.
We call taking balance REMEDY in Korea.I want to show you the typical remedy methods below.
First figure shows how we can remedy the unbalance between left and right, and second is remedy method for the tracking problem by making waist weak.Kite doesn't go straight and quickly changes its moving direction without line releasing when wind rapidly the reel, it means waist is stronger than normal.Waist massaging enables the waist elasticity to be weaker. We need to be careful not to tear paper during massaging them.

ps) Two figures below are while we see kite face, with downing the wind(=wind blowing to our back) and kite face. Remedy principle is very simple for us to remove the unequally coming wind pressure between two sides. Kite going left(=counter clockwise) means more wind pressure added on right side of kite face. We should make less wind added on right side of kite. How can we accomplish this? It's to make right side spar more rounded(=bent) by massaging it, and it enables to come wind on right side passing by over right kite ends with less wind pressure giving on right side kite face.

Moving patterns of lozenge type fighter kites and Bangpae are totally different, this moves upward but diamond kite tend to come directly near towards fliers when wind reel rapidly with kite head upward and kite being front of fliers. Maybe it's because of the differences on lift force and bridle method. Korean fighters can't help cherishing making Bangpae a kind of spiritual excercise.

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