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I was born to a poor family in 1965,west southern part of South Korea,a countryside in JeonBuk province.When I was a child, I saw so many neighbor friends and elders making and flying kites in winter. Two sorts of kites they flew, one was tailed lozenge, the other tailed Bangpae.I hardly saw anybody flying no tailed Bangpae or lozenge kite in my living rural area.I also made and flied tailed Bangpae,was unaware of no tailed ones for long time.I experienced it till around 12 years old before I moved alone to near city area to study in better educational environment.I've not heard,seen Korean used lozenge kite as a fighter kite, I don't know why they have.After that I totally had forgotten about kites, and graduated middle,high school in that city and one more moving alone followed to Seoul to study in a university.During university times, I majored mechanical engineering,but I remember, it was times of a struggle against the dark monsters,and main interest was about social conflicts.After military service and graduation from university,my life was almost same with those of ordinary people,took a job, married and got one son,one daughter.I had worked for automobile parts making companies and come to have many Japanese friends during this work.


In 2004, when my daughter attended kindergarten, one of her homework was making Korean kites.Generally if somebody encountered this case, Korean parent usually buy a kite kit and help kids assemble and complete their homework.But, it wasn't my case,it suddenly evoked memories of my childhood times on flying kites.I called my friend still living in hometown to ask available bamboo field he concerned, that day I drived my car 2 hours to birthplace and cut some of it back to my living place near Seoul.I tried to search my memories how I did. I forgot almost,but managed to complete the 1st job.I wanted to show my lovely daughter her father's childhood days and who your father is,but..It didn't fly well at all.I felt shame and pretty embarrassed.Why? Maybe it was because the wind past and current I greet are totally different, was so strong and steady, is turbulanced by buildings and trees.I tried it in a park,front of big reservoir surrounded by mountains,wind was pretty weak and unstable.Most of all, my kite was not good.A guy,actually first teacher to me,sold Bangpae,of course no tailed, flew very well, and he showed fantastic acrobatic movement to the passersby on the pond,he didn't adress me, just saw me and smiled.I used to go to the park and tried once a week for 4 weeks,but I couldn't success.At last, I was compelled to buy one of his at a price of 10,000(KRW)-approximately 10(USD)-.I came back home, disassembled his and copied it.It was my first success flying with no tailed Bangpae,despite hurt my pride.



Belows are flying pictures in early spring, March, 2005, with so many copied kites I had made around 100 copies of Bangpae sellers.It takes 5~8 hours to construct a Bangpae.I used so many times till late night after back from work, almost everyday for several months.Oneday the seller suggested me to learn Bangpae in earnest, I agreed on,and I bought he prepared necessary tools for me and he taught me one time for 4~5 hours how to make Bangpae.




Bangpae made in 2005 by me, I've lost them to the wind or gave them others at those times, below is unique one left to me.


Time passes like an arrow, kids grown up, I've got older, is it life? 


Some time passed and I became associated with Mr.Oh.Je-Hwan with my novice club friends.That story will be followed soon.

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