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1945 ~10th,Jan,2012


He passed away in 2012.His reel and knife can't be got anymore.

It might take at least more than 10 years to show up good reel like his.

Below picture was taken in 2005.His job was to make Korean reel and grooved knife.His is the best, and I think his personality was near artist. He had hotblood,accordingly sometimes he argued with kite fighters but everybody loved him,and admired his technology on these.Many Korean kite fliers miss,respect him so much.

He had made reels more than 30 years.It was really lucky Mr.Dominick and I had an opportunity to get his last Lot ebony reels.The reason why ebony the best material for Korean reel is that it has the largest specific gravity out of woods.Reeling applicates simultaneously hand power and higher inertia moment. 


Belows are wriiten by Kim, Hak-Bae with looking back on him

Always before every kite fighting festivals he used to talk " so unlucky guys to fight with me today !! ".He boasted openly with his unprepared,not trained fighting technics and less than 100(m) string  winded reel,but I hardly saw him winning the game.

Later, he hadn't entered fight contests, but he attended all kite festivals held over whole country,so we could see him always in those festivals. He lived a lonely, kook life, loved so much to drink, as usual artist does, he had so keen,straight sense and was wilful, and spoke frankly out on those persons to behave wrong to get some of anti-fans. I remember him to help me gladly to transport tents and jubbishes for the festival in Namhae 500(km) apart from Seoul. When I told him to make reel not to twist as time goes by, he joked me " Then how can eke out my living? ". I heard he quitted other good job to make reel well, it shows his passion on Bangpae and naive personality. I think we should remember his role and devotion on Bangpae developement.


An article of Seoul Newpaper wriiten by journalist Seo,Jae-Hee on the 6th,May,2005 

Mr.Park,Man-Ho, Earlle making 30 yeras.

"[Seoul Newpaper] Maybe I am an unique person who makes Earlle in the world, despite so many countries fly kites, because Korea only uses Earlle in the world."

On last 4th,May, met him at DuckSooGoong stone wall street who came there to participate in "Hi Seoul festival".Park,Man-Ho(60) proudly showed and explained his Earlle to citizens.He is an unique Earlle craftsman in Korea has been made it for almost 30 years. 

●Self-studied and reached "PhD.Earlle level".

The time he decided to make Earlle was 27 years ago while he took a walk along Han-River park and saw somebody flying kites. He said " The others were seeing kite but oddly I was seeing Earlle only. ""At that time Earlle was still shoddy,so I decided to make perfect one."  

Nobody to ask about Earlle,but he tried to come to know more on it , and gradually he became an Earlle Master. He has his small workroom in Ilsan. Kite fliers always ask him queries about Earlle.

●USA magazine introduced him.... known abroad.

He was introduced by the Magazine "Kite Line,USA" in 1993. And foreigners came to Korea to get his Earlle gradually increased. His Earlle present to a French Daniel led them intimate friend, Daniel managed Kite class in France has used to send him parcel of wine and cigarette. He said " I heard Daniel passed away last year, but I feel so sorry I couldn't condole on him."

The reason why kite fighters of domestic and overseas come over him,despite they can make at carpenter's shop, is to be able to find craftsmanship in his Earlle.

“Material wood should be naturally dried at least for a year and laid over oil, unsufficiently dried wood eventually cause twist."


He recommend to use reels proportional to flier's weight. For example, 70(kg) person had better use 700(g) reel. Novices had better start with 4 regs reel and should conside of their weight.

● "Eke out living but willing to keep proud heritage."

He makes around 200 reels a year but can't sell them out. Get orders from private individuals, kite flying orgafnizations or kite dealers, but it's been gradually decreased.He hopes it to be transmitted to next generations forever.


Personal relationship of him and me, his heritage, by Peter,Nam

We had seen just about 10 times each other through our whole life, but communicated on the KKFC web many times. Because I was not so interested in line cut games and had little chance to participate in line cut game included kite festivals.But he was quite nice to me, he always used polite expressions to me despite of our age gap around 20 years.There are two types of expressions in Korean, one polite spoken to junior by the senior and the other plain. I still don't know why he was so sincere to me and replied well to all my questions.


I heard he was taken critical sick and entered hospital, called him on hospital bed from here in China on the 27th,May,2011, talked about 30 minutes.After giving him cheering words, I asked him about the secrets of his Erlle and knife. He answered me with the condition "Promise me not to open this to the public while I am alive." I wrote down his words and his main secrets were about woods drying methods and bonds most fittable to them. He told he tried more than 50 kinds of bonds, the day was of our last talking.


After 7 months later, I heard he passed away. Some time later, I handed his heritage down to the two reel craftsmen in Korea. Defering tributes to his dedication, I started to make drawings for his final version Erlle.It took me about a week to wrap them up.


I wish it doesn't harm his fame and paying my great honor to his devotion on Erlle through his life.





















 Bond : Two-liquid quick-drying Araldite


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