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Written by Lee,Sung-Sam (Korean reel craftsman), translated by Peter,Nam


Korean reels are classified by legs of 2,4,6,8,12, most popular one is that of 8 legs.

8 and 12 legs reels have around 220~230(mm) outer diameter, 320(mm) height and 950~1,050(g) weight.

They are made by tight fitting process with wooden bond work as follows.


1. 8 legs reel

I uploaded detailed 8 legs reel drawings at How to make korean kite > 2. Key elements for Bangpae.


1)  Inner support half grooving


2) Bonding


3) Quarter grooving on both sides


4) Three quarter grooving



5) Bonding


6) Grip bar fixing hole drilling



7) Inner support finishing




8) Legs




9) Assembling




2. 12 legs reel (6 legs are short)



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