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To amuse Bangpae fully, we need good Bangpae, suitable reel and well fit string(silk)






I can't help respecting and bowing on the late Mr. Park,Man-ho who had been devoting himself on upgrading Korean reels for 35 years and has passed away Jan.2012. He was not an educated engineer over bachelor, but I came to know his works are extremely scientific ones.He's got most effective and scienfic design through his long trial and error.I think the reasons why No.6 drawing so complicated are first, to get bigger moment of innertia, next, to get the same effect with bamboo joint, and then to get sufficient bonding surface area near the cetral part, finally to get less weight near the cetral part where inertia efficiency is not so good.The way to know the specific gravity of used material is measured weight / (Width x Depth x Height) of using wooden rectangular parallelepiped. (units of each are gram, cm). For example, used material weighs 100(g) and size are 2(cm) x 2(cm) x 30(cm), the specific gravity is 100/120 = 0.83. You can design your own reel by yourself meets the material based on the principle of the aboves. If you feel No.1 dimension 23(mm) weak, you could enlarge to 25(mm).Design point is to put masses as possible as outer area under the precondition of structural stiffness.

I think everyone deserve to try it easily with 4- legs reel. At first stage, inside plate log doesn't need to be machined so complicately like the drawings.Router or other machine is used to do it. I have an over 1(kg) reel made in 1980s not by Park,M.H, it was not machined inside plate log like drawings.I feel something weird,not smooth while rotating it.

As a mechanic engineer and flier, I want to comment about its characteristics and notandum to be accustomed to use it.

1. Stick pole and 6 or 8 leg assembly are tightly inserted during flying and disassembled after flying.It means reel assembly rotates with same angular velocity. In case of right-hander, wear cotton gloves and grasp the stick pole with five all fingers of right hand and try to don't rotate right hand while rotate reel counterclockwise(when see left side).Lefthand palm face had better be perpendicular to the rotating axis and one of leg end must be hold with just three fingers, thumb,index finger,middle finger of lefthand, if not reel leg ends strike wristbone easily.The reason why wear cotton gloves is to get less rotating friction, kind of cotton bearing, not for reel stopping.You had better try to wind stacking tread on right side of reel circumference.

2. Advantages of Korean reel(We call it Earlle)

1) Comparatively quick winding speed.(about 3(m/s), when use 230(mm) diameter reel, 4~5 rps equals 230x3.14x4~5)

2) Maximum using of inertia moment occured by the weight of all components including thread.
Inertia is proportional to mr^2(where m is differential mass, r is the distance from rotating center). Modern Korean reel has been developed to maximize it in given condition under stiffness restriction.

3) Sudden thread releasing is possible. We call it Twigim means bouncing in Korean words.

Quick throwing legs side with left hand toward kite direction and pulling stick with right hand onto right thigh outside under string tension very high- in strong wind or during quick winding tracking), line released quickly and kite turns its head direction possibly 180 degree. Twigim is very powerful attacking method in line cut game can't be done with others  than Korean reel. It's kind of reverse sawing action compare to the normal sawing one happened during fast winding tracking toward opponent's. In other words, Twigim means quick alignment of reel rotating axis onto the vertual line made between flier and the point Bangpae floated in the sky. There are two kinds of it, full or half-Twigim. The full hits upper thigh outside, the half doesn't.

Here you can go and see Twigim videos at .




4) Winding distance, near no limitation.
Usually Korean fighter wind thread around 4~500 meters on the reel. But higher flier can do it longer.

5) Good to upper body muscle developement.
We can feel gradual growth of forearm and shoulder muscle.

3. Weak points
1) Very awkward at first stage.
It needs around a week for novice to accustomed to it, and easy to derailed at first. No kite connected exercize is useful to upgrade.
Korean fighters using about 950~970 gram reel, but at first,had better design,make, and use about 850 gram one.

2) Comparatively big
It needs extra reel box.

3) Hard to make accordingly expensive to buy.
Not so simple to make and 8 legs reel cost around 300(USD) made with ebony wood.

1. 8 legs reel drawings.

1) Legs

2) Inner support A

3) Bonding and grooving inner support A assy.

4) Inner support B

5) Inner support assy

6) Inner support ass'y machinning drawing.

7) Main body assembling ( Legs + supports),designed weight is 965(g) when use ebony that specific gravity is 0.96~1.12

8) 8 legs reel assy

9) Gripper



2. 6 legs reel drawings.

1) 6 Reel Assembly


2) Joint Plate Machining Drawing


3) Joint Plate Assembled


3-1) Joint Plate P1


3-2) Joint Plate P2


3-3) Joint Plate P3


4) 6Reel Leg


5) Grip Rod

3. 10 legs reel drawings.

- This reel has not traditional spoke numbers, this has been designed, invented by Peter,Nam in 2015. The reason usual was relatively complicated joint structure between layers.

1) 10 legs reel assembly

2) Joint Plate Machining Drawing


3) Joint Plate assembled before Machining


3-1) Joint Plate P1


3-2) Joint Plate P2


3-3) Joint Plate P3


3-4) Joint Plate P4


4) Leg(Spoke)

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