How to make Bangpae2012.03.01 01:03

Aspect ratio(kite length/kite width) has been changed from 1.5 to the recent standard 1.2, the smaller it is, the agiler Bangpae could be. You deserve to try and feel the difference of it.Click them and you could see well.

Tensions are measured as belows, with spar skin side compressed.

If you click on pictures, newly enlarged ones would be popped up and you can see each dimension clearly.



<Spars length for each sized Bangpae>

Short dense line in the center hole where dimension start indicates bamboo node that had better be put a third of center hole. These lengths are a little bit longer than bridle finished status.You had better spar machining with these lengths.


Belows are written by Rainer,Pochubay lives in Canada,easily viewable and very detailed.



Red shadow trianglular areas had better be cut out not to be paper wrinkle,etc

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