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1. Special tools and accessaries.

    Grooved knife, Double-edged knife, Whetstone, Sharpener for groove blade

Double edged knife used to split spars.


Bond : Two-liquid mixing type quick-drying epoxy araldite bond.


Following script is by Dominick,Jenkins.He had made this knife for himself and experienced so much about it.His comments must be very helpful to whom would try it.

Making and Using the Korean Kite Knife

Some initial comments.

I enjoyed making this knife and it is great to use. Here are some things I learnt along the way.

First, unless you are good with a angle grinder - I recommend that you get the sadvick saw blade cut up by someone who does or find a metal shop that can use a laser or electric sparking machine to do the cutting. There are two reasons for this, the first is that angle grinders are dangerous machines and the second is unless you are happy with using them it is hard to cut through the blade accurately.

Second, the grinding of the circular cutting edges with a high speed pencil dye grinder is realatively easy. The machine itself is not so expensive and neither is the air pump to supply it. I had difficulty finding the right abrasive heads - they need to go at 50,000 revolutions per minute -- but they can be got from: Meister Abrasives UK, e-mail tele: 44 1327 703 813.

Thirdly, it is also important to grind the knife edge right. I have only just learned how to do this. You have to brind the edge of the knife steadily in to the edge of the grinding wheel at a low angle and let it rest there so that the knife edge is a thin triangular wedge and not a slightly curved wedge - this makes all the difference in getting a sharp cutting knife edge.

Some more to follow.

Finally, I had a difficult experience using the knife with some bamboo -- until I found out from Peter that the knife does not work very well on bamboo that has only seasoned for one year and/or is quick growing tropical bamboo. So it is crucial to get the older two to three years seasoned temperate zone bamboo.

Below knifes are designed, being made 100 pieces and will be presented to Korean Kite Fliers Society members  in the early of 2016 to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the Great Mr.M,H,Park's death.

The NO.1 knife will be handed over to his daughter.





























2. Jigs

    Glue jig with tailor's claws, Paper cut out jig

Gluing jig drawings below are for the Bangpae width 200(mm) to 600(mm), but the jig in below picture is optimized one to that of 400(mm).Point is the angle of 78(degree) fit well to every sized Bangpae, I recommend you to take an appropriate length of part 1 and 4 not to be hindered by them while you clamp kite on the jig with tailor's claws .


1) 200~600 Bangpae width Gluing Jig


2) 200~400 Bangpae width Gluing Jig

3) Paper cut out jig

3. General Tools

Rubber plate,Stainless Ruler(0-60cm),Compass cutter,Compass,Gas torch,Leather pad,Scale(0-1000g),Paint Brush,Gimlet,Scissor, Pruning shears,Woodwork bond.


4. Bamboo spar, Hanji (Korean Paper), and Woodwork bond

Ingredient : Acetic acid vinyl resin,etc : 42%, water :58%

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