How to make Bangpae2012.03.01 01:47

It's convenient to use cut-out jig with gimlet markings.And outside overlap gluing is recommended to reinforce paper endurance.
We had better prepare half-paper tailoring masters of every size.


1. Put this tailoring master on half folded paper to punch marks with gimlet.

2. Draw lines follow after these marks and then complete paper cut.

3. Make gimlet scratch lines onto outer lines to be folded.

4. Center hole cut and quadrisection it .

5. Hemming with glue.


6. Tail edge overlap hemming.

7. Symbol decoration with paint brush and Chinese ink etc.

8. Ironing if necessary.

9. Finished.


# The method without tailor master.

1. Draw a horizontal line of top width.

2. Draw a bisectional vertical line of kite height with straight square and triangular rule.

3. Draw a horizontal line of kite bottom sidth with straight square and triangular rule.

4. Draw a straight line from left top edge point to left tail edge point with sraight square.

5. Draw a straight line from right top edge point to right tail edge point with sraight square.

6. Draw two diagonal lines from top edge point to tail edge point with sraight square.

7. Draw a horizontal line at crossing point with sraight square and triangular rule.

8. Draw hem lines, upper over lap and trim lines.



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